Scientific Program

Scientific Program (Mo-We)

In the tradition of the past workshops, interactive moderated Dialogue Boards (DB1-DB7) will build the centrepieces of this event: clinicians and scientists with extensive competence in the field of PET/MRI will share their opinions and invite you to participate actively in the discussions:

  • DB1 "Instrumentation/Physics" (MR-AC, truncation correction, MoCo, IDIF, reconstruction, standardisation etc.)
  • DB2 "PET/MRI in Oncology - Status Quo" (Clinical trials & key applications in oncology)
  • DB3 "PET/MRI in Oncology - Status Go?" (Future topics and deduced demands on multimodal imaging technology in cancer research)
  • DB4 "PET/MRI in Neurology - Status Quo" (Clinical trials & key applications in neurology, dementia, brain receptors)
  • DB5 "PET/MRI in Neurology - Status Go?" (Is PET/MRI a powerful tool for neurologic sciences?)
  • DB6 "PET/MRI in Infection/Inflammation/Pain"
  • DB7 "Emerging Areas" (New applications of PET/MRI in clinic & science)

Further, the 6th PET/MR workshop will include two Roundtable (RT) Discussions with key opinion leaders from clinic, science & industry:

  • RT1 "Reading PET/MR: Who & How?"
  • RT2 "Imaging versus Liquid Biopsy"

PET/MR Hands-On (Add-On, Thu)

In addition to the scientific program we offer the possibility to visit the Tübingen PET/MR-centre for a short hands-on training and reading-with-the-expert sessions on March 30, 2017 ("add-on") (appropriate for early adopters and technicians).

Please also download the program for more information(updated frequently): scientific program (final)